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General Terms and Conditions of Busines

Sales conditions


Leica Camera Classics GmbH

FN 100602 w

Commercial court of Vienna

VAT identification number ATU15208004

Westbahnstraße 40, 1070 Vienna


Tel.: +43 1 523 56 59






About us

We, the company Leica Camera Classics GmbH, FN 100602 w, Westbahnstraße 40, 1070 Vienna, are authorised dealers of Leica Camera AG. We sell used cameras and collectibles (“Vintage”), especially of the Leica brand, but also models of other manufacturers.  

Our services 

Our Vintagecollection includes used cameras and accessories of high quality.  

Part of our service to our customers is using our expertise in handling high-quality cameras of any year of manufacture in order to carefully choose and verify the Vintagemodels in our collection. We offer you the certainty that each one of our Vintage models has been through the hands of our experts. Our Vintage models are only included in our collection after having been checked in a verification process regarding visual appearance, technical functioning capacity and wear or damage. The results of the verification process are provided in the product descriptions of the Vintagemodels. However, we hereby expressly mention that we can only verify the technical functional capacity of our Vintage models to the extent that is possible without intervention in the mechanics. 


Our distribution channels

 OurVintagemodels are sold through retail distribution channels, with the shop premises at Westbahnstraße 40, 1070 Vienna, but also through the Webshop“www.leicashop.com” (Vintage Shop) and via eBay.

1. Validity of these sales conditions


1.1.     We only sell our Vintagemodels at our shop premises, in the Webshopand via eBay under the following sales conditions.

1.2.     Differing conditions – especially any buying conditions of the customer – are non-binding for us even if we do not expressly refuse them, unless we have expressly accepted them in writing.

1.3.     When selling via eBay, our sales conditions take precedence over the General Terms and Conditions of eBay in our relation to our customers.

2. Offers 

2.1.     All of our offers are non-binding. They are a non-binding invitation to the customer to place an order. 

2.2.     We reserve the right to change the offers contained in our Webshopat any time. We reserve the right to change, develop, delete or temporarily or permanently interrupt the publication of parts of the pages or the entire offer, without any particular notice. 

2.3.     We have no influence over and therefore accept no liability for search engine parameters, deletions and temporary blocking of offers or limitations of the eBay service by eBay, or unauthorised manipulations of our offers and prices by eBay users.


3. Ordering

 3.3.    With the submission of an order on the Webshop, the customer makes a binding offer for the conclusion of a contract. 

 3.4.    When we receive the order, we send the customer an electronic order notification. This order notification is a message about the reception of the order and is not yet to be considered as an acceptation of the offer.


4. Prices

4.1.     All of our prices are indicated in euros and to be understood as gross prices (including VAT) with addition of shipping costs. 

4.2.     Input errors on the Webshop, electronic communication errors and printing errors in price lists are subject to modification. 


5. Contract conclusion

5.1.     The purchase contract is established with our acceptation. 

5.2.     We accept the order on the Webshopby sending an electronic purchase confirmation.

6. Payment methods, deadlines and delays 

6.1.     Unless otherwise agreed in an individual case, we accept credit cards (Visa, Mastercard), PayPal or bank transfers as payment methods for orders on our Webshopand via eBay. On our shop premises, we also accept cash and bank card payments. 

6.2.      Unless otherwise agreed in the individual case, the purchase price is due immediately upon the conclusion of the contract on our premises. For conclusions of contracts via our Webshop, unless a different payment arrangement is indicated in the order confirmation or unless otherwise agreed in the individual case, the purchase price is to be paid at the latest within 3 (three) working days as of the reception of the invoice. 

6.3.     Even in the case of involuntary payment delay, we are entitled to bill default interests in accordance with the legally defined amounts. 

7. Retention of title 

7.1.     All delivered or transferred Vintagemodels remain our property until the customer has paid the entire purchase price and it has been received by us.  

8. Shipping and shipping costs 

8.1.     We send the orders, unless otherwise agreed in the individual case, within 3 (three) working days as of the reception of the full purchase price payment. 

8.2.     Shipping is performed, according to the wishes of the customer, by Österreichischen Post AG or by UPS-Österreich, at the prices applicable for these companies respectively. 

8.3.     The shipping costs are borne by the customer. The shipping costs are not included in our gross prices and are billed in addition to the gross price. 

9. Guarantee 

9.1.     Reclamations about the assertion of the legal right of guarantee can be addressed to us at Leica Camera Classics GmbH, Westbahnstraße 40, 1070 Wien, Austria, or by e-mail to orders@leicashop.com.

We provide guarantee concerning our Vintagemodels, in accordance with the legal provisions, to the following extent:

9.2.     Each Vintagemodel is subject to a verification process conducted by our employees, with the help of defined verification steps and regarding its individual age and use-dependent technical functionality as well as its visual appearance. We provide the result of the verification process in the product description. Any limited technical functionality, wear or damage due to age or use described in the product descriptions of the individual Vintagemodels is considered a contractual characteristic and therefore not as a defect. Only deviations from this upon handover are considered defects.

9.3.     We are not liable for defects that are not possible for us to detect with the verification methods available to us.

9.4.     We hereby indicate that we can only verify the technical functionality of the models to the extent that is possible without intervention in the mechanics. We therefore do not guarantee wear parts or damaging individual parts in the mechanics that are not detectable without such intervention.

9.5.     We guarantee the correctness of the information we provide concerning manufacturer, model, type and serial number.

9.6.     We cannot conclusively verify the ownership histories of our Vintagemodels and therefore do not provide any guarantee or accept any liability concerning this point. 

10. Damage compensation 

10.1.   We are liable in accordance with the applicable damage compensation legal provisions with the following limitation: 

10.2.   Our liability for property damage is limited to intentional and grossly negligent causes of damage.

10.3.   Liability for loss of profit or unforeseeable damage is generally excluded, if such an exclusion of liability can be reliably agreed upon.

10.4.   Any other liability is excluded.


11. Right of withdrawal

11.1.   For orders on the Webshop, customers, who are consumers in the sense of the Austrian Consumer Protection Law (KSchG), have the right to withdraw from the contract within a withdrawal period of 14 (fourteen) days, with no justification required (§ 11 of the Austrian Law of Distance Selling and Off-Premises Contracts  – FAGG). 

11.2.   The withdrawal period begins on the day on which the consumer obtains ownership of the ordered model; in case of a single order of several models that are delivered separately or in several partial deliveries, on the day on which the consumer obtains ownership of the last model or the last partial delivery.

11.3.   This period is extended by 12 (twelve) months if we have not fulfilled our duty of information. If we rectify the fulfilment of the duty of information within 12 (twelve) months after the beginning of the period, the period ends 14 (fourteen) days after the consumer receives the information. 

11.4.   The consumer exercises their right of withdrawal by sending a clearly formulated declaration of their decision to withdraw from the contract (with provision of their name, their address, the purchased object, the order date and the delivery date), by post to Leica Camera Classics GmbH, Westbahnstraße 40, 1070 Wien, Austria, or by e-mail to orders@leicashop.com. To do so, the consumer can, but is not obliged to, use the “withdrawal form model” that can be found in the Webshop at www.leicashop.com. The withdrawal period is considered observed as long as the consumer sends the declaration within the period. 

11.5.   The withdrawal cancels the contract. The consumer is to return already received models to us, at their own cost, at the latest within 14 (fourteen) days as of our reception of the withdrawal declaration. The return period is considered observed as long as the consumer sends the model within the period. 

11.6.   The consumer is only to pay for a loss of value of the model if this can be traced back to an action that is not necessary for a proper verification of the quality, properties or functioning of the model. 

11.7.   In case of withdrawal, we shall pay all the payments received from the consumer back to the consumer, including shipping costs, at the latest within 14 (fourteen) days after we receive the withdrawal declaration of the consumer. For the reimbursement, we use the same payment method that the consumer used for the original transaction, unless otherwise agreed in the individual case. We do not charge any supplementary fee for the reimbursement. We are entitled to refuse the reimbursement until we have received the model or have the proof of the return of the model to us.

11.8.   This information about the right of withdrawal and the “Withdrawal form model” are available in the Webshop at www.leicashop.com.

12.Applicable law and place of jurisdiction 

12.1.   Austrian law applies to all contracts concluded by us, with exclusion of the UN purchasing law and Austrian and European law rules, unless binding consumer protection provisions of the country of residence of a customer who is a consumer are to be applied.

12.2.   For rulings on disputes arising from or in the context of contracts concluded with us, the competent court of the registered address of our company is locally competent, unless the courts of the country of residence of a customer who is a consumer are competent according to binding provisions.




13. Severability clause

13.1.   If a provision of these Sales Conditions is or becomes fully or partially invalid, the validity of all the remaining provisions of these Sales Conditions or of the purchase contracts that they underlie remains unaffected. The invalid provision is to be replaced with a legally valid provision that comes as close as possible to the economic purpose pursued by the invalid provision as is legally possible. 



Version 24thApril 2019