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Docuflex 35

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Produced in the early 70's and described in the Leitz general catalogue of September 1973 (code 16774) as follows: Special motorized photographic camera for 16 and 35mm film, perforated and non-perforated, all formats standard reproduction. Can be focused by projection or using the lens. Designed for film up to 30 meters in length. Very few were made. Production was discontinued due to very high cost and some technical difficulties with the camera. On the inside of the camera is a plaque written: MANUFACTURED BY HIRAKAWA KOGYOSHA CO. LTD. FOR ERNST LEITZ WETZLAR. It comes with a 5.6/70mm lens no.710181 (some funugus, smooth focusing), all caps, Service card with both matching numbers, 16779 magnifying finder, 5x format masks, 4x 16782 extension rings new in maker's boxes, various cables, Reprovit AC unit, focusing stage with late Focotar 4.5/50mm no.11718314, aperture setter with series VI adapter ring


Modell Docuflex 35
Seriennummer 10348
Zustand A-
Jahr c.1970
Bestellnummer 19636,1