Service for your current Leica

Occasionally, even a Leica product needs a bit of servicing.

That is why we are offering you servicing by our specialists, who are trained by Leica on a continuous basis. They deal with your Leica products and offer you a number of exclusive services such as sensor cleaning using cleanroom technology*), and optionally an official Leica service certificate for cameras and lenses as well as high-quality individual leather trims.

For the adjustment of your M lenses, the Leica customer care centre in Vienna offers you a special lens adjustment service using a video MTF system to adapt your lenses to the high requirements of today's digital photography.

*) Sensor cleaning is carried out for you in a professional and prompt manner, using our Flowbox.
 Please ask for a special agreement for your Leica ! Attractive flat-rate price for other system and SLR cameras.

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