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Leica Q2 Monochrom, black



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Leica Q2 Monochrom, schwarz
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19050_Leica-Q2_front.jpg Leica Q2, black
10880_SL2-S_Body_FRONT.jpg Leica SL2-S, black
10854_SL2_Body_FRONT.jpg Leica SL2, black
10827_S3_FRONT_RGB_1147x886.jpg Leica S3, black
The essentials: Newly developed 47 Megapixel full frame monochrome sensor The fastest lens... more
Product information Leica Q2 Monochrom, black

The essentials:

  • Newly developed 47 Megapixel full frame monochrome sensor
  • The fastest lens in its class: Summilux 28 mm f/1.7 ASPH. with Macro-Mode
  • Incredible sharpness and detail rendition for photo and 4K-video
  • Second to none high ISO performance (up to ISO 100,000)
  • 3.68 MP OLED viewfinder
  • Fast and very precise autofocus
  • Dust and spray water protected (complies with IP 52 standard)
  • Elegant monochrome design
  • Made in Germany

Product description:

To this day, black and white photography continues to exude a unique fascination, mystery and beauty. Compared with color photography, it is the most authentic manifestation of "painting with light." With its 47.3 megapixel resolution, exceedingly sharp and fast Summilux 28 f/1.7 ASPH. lens, quick and precise autofocus and crisp OLED viewfinder, the Leica Q2 Monochrom is an intuitive tool for timeless monochrome photography with an inherent focus on the essentials for the modern-day photographer.

Delivery scope:

Leica Q2 Monochrom / Carrying strap / Battery / Lens hood / Lens cover / Hot shoe cover / Charger & Cables (EU, US) / Quick start guide

More details:

Technical Datasheet



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Improved features and functionality for maximum quality Everything we do is driven by your... more

Improved features and functionality for maximum quality

Everything we do is driven by your passion for photography. We provide regular firmware updates to ensure that you can look forward to enduring enjoyment of your camera.

Improve the performance of your Leica Q2 and enjoy the benefits of the new features and functions.


Optimized functions in detail

Firmware Update 2.0

AF field size selectable

Choose between three AF field sizes (small, medium, large) by a long tap on the camera display while touch AF is activated.

DNG writing speed improved

The DNG and DNG+JPEG writing speed is now improved by the factor 2x.

Deleting user profiles

The user now can delete individual/single user profiles.

Touch AF + Release

Touch AF + Release is now implemented and works in all AF modes.

Status screen for photo and video implemented

Complete overview of the preferred settings, easy access and operation by touch. The video mode can be deactivated or activated via the status screen.

Exposure parameters for video

Extended opportunities for capturing video files including the ability to switch between PASM by aperture- and shutter speed dial.

Auto ISO behavior

The auto-ISO behavior was changed and the priority is now set to "correct exposure".

Manual Focus behavior

In MF mode the preselected AF frame will appear and can be used to start the magnification, the frame can be moved by using the cursor keys. In AF-Multi: the magnification will start from the center and the last position is saved until the camera is switched off.

Face Detection behavior

If the face detection is not successful, the AF-Mode now switches to AF field instead of AF multi field.

Leica FOTOS transfer speed

Downloading photos from the Leica Q2 to Leica FOTOS is now up to 50% faster. .
(The Leica Q2 needs to be paired again with Leica FOTOS after this firmware update)

Variable EVF frame rate

A menu was added to choose between 60fps or 120 fps. For fast moving subjects set 120 fps for a more fluid display of movement (with lower resolution) or choose 60 fps for full resolution.

AF-L / AE - added to Zoom button

The AF and AE lock function allows you to lock your focus or exposure settings separately as you recompose your shot.

Improvement of Tracking AF

Precision and overall performance of Tracking AF is improved.

Touch in EVF

Touch functionality during EVF mode is now available.

Download firmware update

You can quickly and easily download Firmware Update for the Leica Q2. The instructions provided with the firmware update will guide you safely through the installation process.

Leica Q2 - Firmware Update 2.0

Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese
Date: 02/2020
Format: FW (112,66 MB)

Installation instructions for Leica Q2 - Firmware 2.0

Date: 02/2020
Format: PDF (76,66 kB)


Firmware Chronology

Firmware Update 1.1  
DNG files recording DNG files recorded in ‘Continuous Super Speed’ mode are now readable in Adobe products.
Burst Shooting Mode + attached flash In 'Burst Shooting Mode' (H/M/L) the attached flash is now triggered more than once (depending on the power of the flash).
Download of images via Leica FOTOS Stabilized image download via Leica FOTOS in combination with 'Remote-Wake up' as well as display of aperture values after wake up.
Interval shooting in Drive Mode In 'JPG's only' setting now images can be taken with 1s 'Interval' continuously without losing frames. Also the performance with 'DNG + JPG' has been improved.

REMARK: Due to general SD-card writing time please use an interval time of longer than 2 sec. in order to secure that all images (DNG + JPEG) will be saved.


Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan

Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan

The purchase of this camera includes a free 3-month trial membership of the Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan, including 20GB of Cloud storage.

Adobe Creative Plan
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