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Leica Magnus 2.4-16x56 i




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The essentials: large field of view large exit pupil for more visual comfort at the stop... more
Product information Leica Magnus 2.4-16x56 i

The essentials:

  • large field of view
  • large exit pupil for more visual comfort at the stop
  • robust and precise mechanics
  • comfortable and intuitive light point operation
  • fine reticle
  • 7x zoom for maximum flexibility
  • excellent transmission and extraordinary contrast for reliable response
  • Automatic switch-off and switch-on for maximum battery life
  • with rail
  • with quick reticle adjustment (BDC)

Product description:

In contrast to other riflescopes, the particularly low vignetting of the Magnus 2.4-16x56 i ensures extra brightness at low magnification factors. Its large-diameter front lens, a highly effective entrance pupil at mid-range magnification, and the highest, outstanding transmission value of around 92% ensure optimum identification up to the last minutes of shooting light. With a maximum magnification of 16x, it is also perfect for ensuring the accuracy of ambitious, long-range shots. In combination with the outstanding Leica shutter system, its high transmission properties guarantee more light under all conditions, particularly when using low magnification factors. Stray light and vignetting are considerably reduced and contrast improved. This, in combination with the high magnification ensures safe identification from shortest distances to precise long-range shooting.

Delivery scope:

Rilfescope, ZF caps for eyepiece/lens, battery (CR 2032), cleaning tissue, 12 BDC Direct Dial Rings (EU1-EU12)

More details:

technical datasheet


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