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Analog black and white photography – Graz


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Hans-Resel-Gasse 20, 8020 Graz
17.07.2021 - 17.07.2021 (10:00 - 17:30)

  • AT200717-1
The essentials: Tips on correct exposure Develop b/w film yourself 1 b/w film Kodak Tri-X... more
Product information Analog black and white photography – Graz

The essentials:

  • Tips on correct exposure
  • Develop b/w film yourself
  • 1 b/w film Kodak Tri-X 400
  • Lunch, coffee and drinks
  • Leica Akademie Folder
  • Leica Akademie certificate

Product description:

Film’s not dead! - This workshop offers the exciting opportunity to deal intensively with analog black and white photography. It doesn't matter whether you have been shooting on film for many years or just want to get to know this type of ​​photography. Here you will learn everything about analog photography, from the basics of film, tips and tricks in practice or developing the negatives at home.

In the theory unit we look at the possibilities that film offers us and what types of cameras are available to us. We take a look at the functions of the cameras we brought and how to correctly load the film. What types of film are there and how to expose them correctly? We show you how to develop your films at home with little effort. Also the
possibility of pushing or pulling film negatives during development is presented.

The practical part revolves around the implementation of the previously learned theory. How do you use a light meter correctly? What do you have to look out for in analog photography and especially in black and white photography? And how can you record scenes as you have pictured them beforehand – These are, among other things, topics that will be discussed during our photo tour.

Back at the studio, we will wind up the exposed film onto the spooles of the developering tank in the changing bag and then develop and fix them. Now the most exciting moment arrives when it becomes clear whether everything really worked out!

Due to possible changes regarding Covid-19 measures, the Leica Akademie Austria reserves the right to cancel the workshop at short notice. In this case, the participation fee will be refunded.

Month: July 2021
City: Graz
Category: Courses and Workshops, Fotografiekurse, All Levels
Teacher: René Böhmer
Country: Austria

Be sure to read our T&Cs before booking.

10:00      Welcoming to the participants 10:10     ...more

10:00     Welcoming to the participants

10:10     Theoretical part of analog photography

11:30     Get to know the camera and its functions

12:15     lunch break

12:45     Photo practice in Graz

14:45     coffee break

14:55     Developing and fixing the exposed films

16:45     Analysis of the pictures made at the light table

17:30     Conclusion and farewell

René Böhmer is an analog photographer from Styria. For some time now he has devoted his... more

René Böhmer

is an analog photographer from Styria.

For some time now he has devoted his life exclusively to analog photography, accompanying the process from the beginning of the recording with a wide variety of analog cameras, through the development of the film to the finalization in the darkroom. Today René is a full-time artist and sells his pictures internationally in galleries and to private customers. He describes his photographic style as documentary/street/art.

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