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Zeiss Ikon – Just Arrived

  1. Contax IIa outfit
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    Contax IIa outfit

    Manufacture Year: 1950 Product Condition: B/A
  2. Zeiss Ikon Finder 433/25
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    Zeiss Ikon Finder 433/25

    Manufacture Year: c.1938 Product Condition: B/A
  3. Zeiss Ikon 540/1 Film Spool red
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    Zeiss Ikon 540/1 Film Spool red

    Manufacture Year: Product Condition: A/B
  4. Zeiss Ikon Night Kolibri
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    Zeiss Ikon Night Kolibri

    Manufacture Year: 1932 Product Condition: B
  5. Goerz Pantar Casket lens set
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    Goerz Pantar Casket lens set

    Manufacture Year: Product Condition: B+