• All orders within Austria we will ship without costs. For all orders over 500 EUR we offer free delivery worldwide (including full insurance and packing). This does not include items with high volume or weight, which are calculated after your order.

Service & Guarantees

Money-back guarantee
Your purchases from us are free of risk: If an item does not meet your expectations, or if it has a technical deficiency, simply send it back to us by air within 14 days after receiving it and you will promptly be refunded, no questions asked.

Guarantee of authenticity
Experience since 1991 in the field of collectors' cameras enable us to protect you from the dangers and unpleasantness that can arise with the purchase of counterfeits! In this context, we have made it our personal mission to stifle the trade of such counterfeits - which in recent times have been circulated in growing numbers by "anonymous" sources - and to warn you against the manufacturers of these counterfeits!

Guarantee of Quality
We only sell items that we have conscientiously inspected for completeness and functionality.

International Search Service
If you are searching for a particular item for your collection of for your outfit and you cannot find it in our extensive selection, simply make use of our international Search Service. Just contact us by fax, e-mail or by telephone and we will gladly activate our international contacts on your behalf.

Replacement Offer Service
If an item that you ordered from our catalogue is no longer available, we often are in a position nonetheless to offer you an equivalent piece from our extensive stock.

Fast Order Fulfillment
We are conscious of the fact that all our clients eagerly await their newly ordered 'treasures' - therefore we ship your parcel as quickly as possible after receiving your order. We are happy to leave it up to you whether you wish to have shipment made by air or by a courier service.

Shipping Charges and Insurance
Thanks to long-term agreements with international courier services, we are in the fortunate position of keeping shipping costs reduced to a minimum. By the way, the agreed-upon price of your item and its shipping charge already include insurance that protects your order from loss, damage or theft while it is in transit to you. Possible customs duties or import charges are not included in the shipping cost and must be borne by the respective buyer.

Repair Service
The fact that we have our very own fully equipped repair shop for the maintenance and inspection of the items that are offered by us, we are also able to accept items from you for repair. This is particularly attractive because in many countries, astronomic prices are charged for repairs, especially in the case of old mechanical cameras. Conveniently save money, time and annoyance by sending your repair orders to us in Vienna. Here we can conduct all the necessary service work at reasonable cost. Naturally, you will first receive the respective estimate for your approval.

Lens Clinic
We are also equipped to adjust, clean and polish your lenses. In these cases too, you can also request an estimate before any work is performed.

Simple Payment Methods
We accept all major credit cards and international postal remittances, as well as direct remittances from bank to bank. All our prices are stated in Euros and they are final prices. Only items marked with an asterisk (*) do not include the 20% Value Added Tax (VAT) that is prescribed by law and which only applies to sales within the European Community (EC).