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Pentacon Praktina FX Outfit

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Highly innovativ and one of the first system cameras, presented in 1952 to the public, this Praktina is somehow the for runner for the later Nikon F. Body in very fine condition, shutter working, with exchangible eye level finder, body engraved "Germany USSR", Russian occupied Germany; with very rare all chrome Steinheil Quinon 1,9/55mm no 1477739 (A-), in semi-automatic, clean optics, Carl Zeiss Jena Flektogon 2,8/35mm no 5549148, (A-) maker´s front cap, optics very slightly hazy, rare Piesker Tele-Picon 5,5/250mm no 16777 (A), clean optics, front cap, black Tamron 7,5/400mm no 51414 , some blemishes on the glass, maker´s front cap, collapsible finder, metered prism finder, maker´s body cap, needle responding, small pieces of leatheret missing on both sides, electrical motordrive, no 5036, engraved 'Germany USSR occupied', 250 exposure back, no 02142, engraved 'USSR occupied'.

Additional Information

Model Pentacon
Type Praktina FX Outfit
Serial Nr. 59741
Condition A-
Year 1952
Order Nr. 32014,12

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