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Linhof Master Technika 4x5" outfit

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extensive outfit in excellent condition and perfect working order, with Biogon 4.5/75mm no.2590127 (near mint, with RF cam, clean optics, caps), Super-Angulon 8/90mm no.11900237 (with RF cam, near mint, clean optics, rear cap, in Compur Electronic 1 shutter - modified for CR123A battery), Componon-S 5.6/150mm no.12694856 (RF cam, near mint, Compur Electronic 1 shutter - modified for CR123A battery), Tele-Arton 5.6/250mm no.12172805 (small chip in front element, caps, RF cam), Super Rollex 56x72mm and 6x9cm, hood (90, 60, 51mm), Linhof Universal Finder with masks for 9x12/4x5", 56x72 and 40x51, 5 filters and original outfit case

Additional Information

Model Linhof
Type Master Technika 4x5" outfit
Serial Nr. 6421768
Condition A/B
Year c.1980
Order Nr. 29971,9