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Leica Screw Mount Lenses – Just Arrived

  1. Leica Hektor 2.8cm/6,3 chrome
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    Leica Hektor 2.8cm/6,3 chrome

    €900.- *
    Year: 1939 Condition: A/B
  2. Leica Elmar chrome 3,5/3,5cm
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    Leica Elmar chrome 3,5/3,5cm

    Year: 1941 Condition: A-
  3. Leica Summaron A36 3,5/3,5cm
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    Leica Summaron A36 3,5/3,5cm

    Year: 1952 Condition: A/B
  4. Leica Leitz Canada 3,3cm/3,5 Stemar UV filters
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    Leica Leitz Canada 3,3cm/3,5 Stemar UV filters

    Year: 1954 Condition: B/A
  5. Leica Summar chrome 2/5cm
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    Leica Summar chrome 2/5cm

    Year: 1935 Condition: B+
  6. Leica Summitar 2/5cm
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    Leica Summitar 2/5cm

    Year: 1939 Condition: B-
  7. Leica Xenon 1,5/5cm
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    Leica Xenon 1,5/5cm

    Year: 1938 Condition: B+