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Zeiss Distagon T* 1:2.8/15mm ZM, black [Z2815]

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The superstar of ultra wide photography
The ultra-wide angle lens designed for high-speed performance and full integration with TTL exposure metering. In order to achieve the unique performance level, the lens’s complex design incorporates floating elements, a total of 11 elements (with one aspherical surface) comprising exotic optical glasses such as highrefractive- index barium dense flint and flour crown with anomalous partial dispersion. Equipped with this lens, you can expect a high resolving power at high speeds opening up possibilities for handheld indoor shots previously impossible. The illumuination of the frame has the same characteristic at all apertures and can thus be perfectly balanced with the supplied center filter. The high precision mechanics for focusing and the wide spread of the focus scale enable accurate focusing – even without rangefinder coupling. Quite simply, this lens is made for stunning photographic compositions, eye-catching advertising, documentation in cramped spaces and extremely dynamic architectural photos. Price incl. Centerfilter.