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Leica Pinmaster-M *DEMO* [L40531]

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Leica Pinmaster-M *DEMO*

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The Rangemaster 1000 is the ideal model for a wide range of different uses. This highly regarded observation instrument continually impresses because of its comfort in use combined with its accurate distance measurement - up to a maximum of circa 1000 yards (915 m).

The CRF 1000 is perfectly designed to meet the needs of the end user. Requiring only one hand to use it makes for a very steady image with little to no shake possible - different to binoculars, which obviously need to be held in two hands. Because of its compact size and weight (only 220g) this practical Rangemaster is an ideal companion; fitting easily into a wallet sized pocket.
Reference class in optics

The CRF 1000's excellent light transmission, wide field of view and impressive 7x magnification combine to deliver unsurpassed image quality, seen through the comfortable eyepiece.
Reference class in electronics

The CRF puts fast and accurate measurements at your fingertips even if viewing small or moving targets and even in poor weather conditions. The clear LED-display automatically adjusts itself to the surrounding light conditions thus ensuring it is always readable.
Reference class in mechanics

All optical and electronic components are integrated into a solid die-cast metal housing reinforced with light carbon fibre making it rugged and durable as well as precise. The housing (waterproof to a depth if 1m) also protects the CRF 1000 against even the harshest of weather conditions.

Available colours and materials:

The Rangemaster CRF 1000 is available with soft black paint surface.