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Voigtländer Nokton 1:0,95/17,5mm ASPH. [VO17.5MFT]

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New highspeed lens from Voigtländer

Starting end of March 2012 the first deliveries of the new Nokton F0.95/17.5mm MFT will take place.

With a focal length of 17.5mm and an angle of view of 64,6° this aspherical lens allows even at wide open aperture extremely sharp images.

Especially interesting for video- and filmfunctions is the selective aperture control system, which allows a continuous and soundless change of the aperture and therefore the depth of field by simply switching over.

The extremely short minimum focus (15cm) creates many possibilities and interesting perspectives for each photographer.

Outstanding is the bokeh of the Nokton, where 10 aperture blades are also responsible for.
The Nokton creates unique as yet not possible deemed picture- and filming results for everybody.