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Leica M-A + Noctilux 1:0.95/50mm ASPH., Edition "25 Years Leica Shop" [L10375]

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For the 25th Anniversary of the Leica Shop in Vienna Leica Camera AG issued a special edition of 25 analogue Leica M-A (Type 127) cameras in grey hammer tone lacquered finish and reworked Leica Meter MR-4 in grey hammer tone finish, with NOCTILUX-M 1:0.95/50mm ASPH. in silver finish with classic outer design inspired by the very first version Noctilux 1.2/50mm with special edition number engraved on each lens.


为纪念维也纳徕卡商店成立25周年,徕卡相机集团发行了25台特殊版本的灰色锤纹烤漆涂装的徕卡M-A(127型)胶片相机以及新版灰色锤纹烤漆涂装的徕卡MR-4测光表,配有NOCTILUX-M 1:0.95/50mm ASPH镜头。该镜头为银色涂装,其外部设计受第一版的Noctilux f1.2/50mm镜头的启发,每只镜片上都刻有特别版本号。


ライカショップ25周年を記念してライカカメラ社が25台のアナログカメラ、Leica M-A(タイプ127)を制作しました。灰色のハンマートーンでラッカー塗りされています。同じく灰色のハンマートーンでフィニッシュされたLeica Meter MR-4、そしてクラッシックなアウターデザインでシルバーにフィニッシュされたNOCTILUX-M 1:0.95/50mm ASPH付きです。こちらは最初期に製造されたNoctilux 1.2/50mmにインスパイアを受けて作られた物で、特別エディション番号がレンズに刻まれています。

Leica M-A:

  • Without battery, full-mechanical camera without lightmeter
  • Pure M. Aperture - Shutterspeed - Distance. All what a picture needs.
  • ISO dial to remember the insert film's speed

Leica Noctilux 1:0.95/50mm ASPH.:

After more than 30 years, Leica breaks its own record and introduces the world's highest-speed aspherical lens: the Leica-Noctilux-M 50 mm f/0.95 ASPH. It is the successor to the famous Leica-Noctilux-M 50 mm f/1 ASPH., which was added to the product range in 1975. Thanks to state-of-the-art optics and mechanical technologies, Leica has succeeded in achieving substantial improvements over the previous model. With nearly identical dimensions, a noticeable increase in lens speed has been achieved. The extremely shallow depth of field (DOF) at open aperture produces portraits and detailed studies of unequalled aesthetic effect. Even when just slightly stopped down, the result is outstanding image quality, comparable to the Leica Summilux-M 50 mm f/1.4 ASPH, which is considered the best standard lens ever produced. When used in available light photography, the lens exceeds the perception of the human eye. Even the light from one candle can be sufficient for handheld photography. A "floating element" retains high image quality even in the close-up range. Vignetting and distortion have also been visibly improved compared to the 50mm f/1.